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Cambodian hair is known for being lightweight, luscious, and natural. Cambodian hair extensions are also more durable than other types of hair extensions. Because raw Cambodian hair bundles more closely represent real hair, you can wash, style, cut, and color them any way you want. They’re also available in three textures including Cambodian straight hair, wavy, and curly.

How Are Cambodian Hair Bundles Made?

Raw Cambodian hair is collected from hair donors and sold in its natural form. These hair bundles are considered raw because they’re never chemically treated or processed. In many cases, the cuticles of the hair remain intact and are all aligned in the same direction. This helps prevent the hair from tangling, knotting, or matting. Most Cambodian hair extensions come in a lush, mild shade of black and are sold as their genuine color. You can, however, dye >strong>cheap Cambodian hair bundles to fit your personal preference.

What Makes Raw Cambodian Hair Unique?

Raw Cambodian hair and hair extensions feel different than other products because they’ve never been chemically touched, treated, or processed. This type of hair is also referred to as virgin hair because of its purity. Raw Cambodian hair has never been permed, colored, or cleansed. Raw Cambodian hair bundles have also never undergone texture manipulation to change the style, coating, or cuticle stripping. When you purchase raw Cambodian hair, you’re getting a natural, pure, and untouched product.

The Three Types of Raw Cambodian Hair Extensions

Cambodian hair extensions are sold in three main types – straight, curly, and wavy. Raw Cambodian curly hair is naturally coarse, which means it holds a curl much easier than other types. Most Cambodian curly hair will hold its curl for up to 2 weeks and withstand the heat from a curling iron much better than most extensions.

Cambodian wavy hair is its most natural form. In general, Cambodian hair is thick and naturally wavy, but you can achieve straight hair using a flat iron. Similar to Cambodian curly hair, most extensions will hold the style you choose for up to 2 weeks. Because raw Cambodian hair is strong and versatile, you can style it in multiple ways without fear of damaging the extensions.

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