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Rayon fabric is made from purified cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber is made from natural specified agricultural products and wood pulp and is the same as viscose. There are many types of viscose fibers in existence, and making rayon fabric is one of those uses. Rayon fabric imitates the texture and feel of cotton. The fabric is mostly used to make clothing and bedding since it is comfortable for the body. Rayon fabric has absorbent fibers and therefore has good breathability. Its quality and lightweight nature make it popular to wear during hot seasons.

Rayon fabric VS. cotton

In comparison to cotton fabric, 100% rayon fabric is more absorbent than cotton. It is non-insulating and therefore it is the best to wear in humid climates. Manufacturing rayon fabric is less costly. It is semi-synthetic and chemically processed, therefore it is cheaper than cotton fabric. Cotton is an all-natural fiber and this is why it is much more costly. Rayon fabric is mainly used in the fashion industry while cotton is broadly used in the medical industry. Washing is part of rayon fabric care and needs a lot of caution. The fabric may lose half of its strength and can easily tear when wet. Rayon fabric loses its size, shape, and color if washing is not done as per the instructions. It can be washed using a dry cleaner or can be hand-washed. In some cases, machine wash is allowed but cold water must be used.

Is rayon fabric stretchy?

Rayon fabric stretches just like most other knit fabrics. However, any woven rayon fabric made only from rayon has no stretch to it. Rayon fabric can easily be dyed. Rayon fabric dyes blend well into the fabric. Since the fabric imitates the quality of cotton, dyes labeled for cotton or linen are the best to use on rayon fabric. With these dyes, rayon fabric produces deeper and more brilliant colors, especially when done using cold water. Buyers can purchase rayon fabric from global manufacturers and suppliers on Alibaba.com.

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