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        Q: How & why do people get into cigar smoking?
A: I seldom smoke a cigar , but I enjoy it when I do . My guidance is to take smoke into your mouth and out through your mouth - do n't inhale or blow it out through your nose . I discovered that a pleasant cocktail goes huge with a cigar . Something like Maker 's Mark on the rocks . As far as cutting , my buddy ha a cheap plastic cigar cutter , but a sharp knife would do I guess , we cut just a small off the mouth end ( I guess you could bite it ) and cut the lighting end at the fattest point . Also , if you 're not a smoker , you will get a evil nicotine rush even without deliberately breathing , so are preparing to take it slow because i did n't puke . That night and following morning you will wish to use Listerine because your mouth can taste dreadful for days perfter a cigar - bestest to burn it out with mouthwash .   I say `` live a smeveryone , and enjoy life '' . I smoked two cigars in the past year and experienced them enormously . 

Q: What is the most flavorful cigar?
A: No there exists n't , the ones you are able buy from the shop are machine made crap like swishers and black and milds , these people are short scraps of tobacco and artificially flavoured , these people are small better than fags .   If you make investments a $ 2 cigar cutter you are able get a Diesel Unholy Cocktail cigar for around $ 5 which 've got a lot of cinnamon and spice flavors or possibly you 'd prefer something like a Oliva Series V which 's like cream and black pepper . 

Q: How to cut a cigar with out a cigar cutter?
A: You were correct , Items from Cuba , a nation under embargo are `` restrained from entrance '' therefore will just be seized .   Here is the connection for Customs , and particular info .  http : //www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/vacati ...