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A resin mold is a shaped container or cavity where resins can be poured and cast into the mold's shape. Resin molds are useful for making small plastic parts and jewelry. They are also used by bakers and DIY craft makers to make decorations. Epoxy molds may be made of plastic, silicone, latex, plaster, fiberglass, or metal.

Silicone vs. Plastic Molds: Which is Better?

For small single-use projects, plastic resin casting molds are a more economical choice. Unfortunately, plastic does not last long. Silicone molds for resin will cost more initially, but they offer a long lifespan and flexibility. For beginners, plastic epoxy resin molds look like a sturdier option. But it is not ideal for more experienced resin mold users. The silicone resin tray mold can bend, peel, and twist. It is also easier to take the casting out of the silicone mold than an acrylic mold.

How Do You Select the Right Resin Mold?

Silicone molds are among the best large resin molds. A silicone mold is self-releasing, flexible, and reusable for many projects. However, you still need to check the type of finish on the mold. A glossy silicone mold will give the final product a glossy finish. A matte finish will give a rough surface finish. There are also transparent silicone molds for casting UV resin that will be transparent. Other mold materials, such as latex or soft rubber, make it easy to eject the finished resin. Rigid materials like metal, wood, or fiberglass give a sturdier mold when there's no need for flexibility.

When Do You Need a Backup Mold?

When a resin mold is made of flexible material, it may lose its shape during casting or after multiple uses. Backup epoxy molds are made of more rigid materials such as metal, wood, or fiberglass. The backup mold gives the flexible mold support and prevents it from distorting after pouring the resin. You can even make a custom resin mold with a combination of flexible silicone and rigid metal or wood.

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