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Q2: Can you provide the samples9 Yes, the sample is free. Q3: Production period and delivery time9 3 days to 7 days. Q4: What's your MOQ (min order quantity) 9 Our MOQ is 200Kg, and we accept mixed order.

So please control well the amount of the glue you need to mix because faster reaction means less time. If the glue is adhered to skin, please wipe it with acetone or alcohol, and use cleaner to clean it. Storage and Packaging * Storage: This glue should be Kept sealed in the ventilated, cool and dry place, shelf life is 12 months.

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Browse for super adhesive resin and select from a wide range of resins offered by Alibaba.com. The resins have multiple applications due to the unique features. The resins are favorite amongst jewelers who use the product to bind various items such as earrings, pendants and bracelets. The resins have varying curing properties, like UV resin, that has a longer curing duration since the curing only occurs in the presence of UV light.

The epoxy resin is made from combining epoxide and polyamine. The resins are suitable for binding the countertops and coating for floors. The resins require additional agents such as curing agents, to increase the binding and hardening speed. The resins are preferred for duties and activities in which manufacturers aim to achieve high moisture and chemical resistance rates. Buyers can also get the polyester resin from Alibaba.com. The combination of the two resins increases the impact resistance while lowering the shrinkage rate during curing.

The resin has multiple applications such as flooring, woodwork and construction. Resins are good waterproofing agents and can protect the internal elements of a product from rotting or deterioration. Besides the strengthening property, resins give a glossy sheen on top of the wood and other products. Carpenters prefer using clear resin in filling crevices within the wood and binding the wood together. The resins can easily blend with any color or painting and give an additional glossy and attractive look to the final product.

The resin comes mixed, ready for use and can be processed immediately. Buyers can select various types of resins from Alibaba.com and achieve multiple objectives. The resins are suitable for multiple uses or can be combined to meet other needs.