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        Q: How do I ask my mom if I can use reusable pads?
A: Just ask her straight out and go from there - 'm talking her like an adult .   If you need her be purchased these for you or need her known better that you are purchased them yourself subsequently it would be better just to let her know and I am convinced she 'll comprehend - as she is a of a various generation she may not comprehend the advantage of modern-day cloth pads so make convinced you are armed with a smeverything info . Cloth pads are far more sanitary and healthier as they 're more breathable and do n't contain detrimental ingredients such as dioxin , if they make you feel most comfortable too subsequently that is another bonus .   For parents another big plus is priced - if she usually buys your hygienic products subsequently she stands save the lives of a LOT of money by everyoneowing you to change to reusables , if she 's still unsure subsequently by everyone means tell her that you 'd be drawn up be purchased your own from Etsy ( cheap , plus allowing you to try various styles and fabrics to find what is bestest for you ) be demonstrated you are , devoted to the idea so ready to put your own money in therefore no losses or fuss for her . Or Party In My Pants Pads offer free liners on their internet sites . Or if your'e prepared you could always make your own pads .   Reusable pads are FAR most comfortable than disposable pads since they enable more air-flow so do n't make you sweaty , that is n't true come unstuck or gather-up , that is n't true contain chemicals that are able annoy , do n't stick to your skin or pubic hair , also they 're both more absorbent and dried quicker so it does n't feel like sitting in blood . You also have n't got the to mess around washing them , just throw them in our washing basket and put them in the 'sh machine with the rest of your laundry .   As a note - tampons DO make cramps worse because they can broaden into your cervix , by absorbing vaginal moisture they tug on vaginal walls , and chemical products numerous tampons can result in allergic response . Passing out is also possible due to nerves about tampon used or in a more literal sense you are able be hitting your vagus nerve which are able cause fainting with tampon used .   If you wish to use reusable pads for the environment grounds subsequently also consider alternatives such as sponge tampons , softcups and men 'sstrual cups which are internal like tampons but simpler to use , menstrual cups also have no health dangers and can decrease menstrual cramps so worth looking into .   Some more detailed information for you ( and your mum ) ;  Eight Myths About Washable Menstrual Pads Dispelled - http : //www.scarleteen.com/article/pink/e ...  What Are Menstrual Cups ? - http : //www.scarleteen.com/article/body/w ...  About Cloth Pads - http : //labyrinth.net.au/~obsidian/clothp ...  Cloth Pad Wiki - http : //clothpads.wikidot.com  Cumulative Exposure And Feminine Care Products - http : //safecosmetics.org/article.php ? id=777  Seeing Red : Sanitary Protection and the Environment - http : //www.wen.org.uk/general/seeing-red-sanitary-protection-and-the-environment 

Q: What do you think of reusable pads?
A: I 've never used cloth menstrual pads but I use cloth pantiliners to double up ( tampons ) or like on my last day as well as for discharge at other times . I love them ! They are soo comfy and they 're wholesome since they let air distribute and have n't got the strong odor like a utilized pad .   They are a small thicker than disposable pantyliners but not notisable through ordinary garment and thereforeme days I am fine wearing a skirt . And I just put them in with my regular wash.   I am convinced that cloth menstrual pads is extremely similar to cloth pantiliners . They presumably will be lower likely to leak since they will is extensiveer and they have wrap around wings with snaps .   For washing them you are able wish to rinse them or soak them in cold water before putting them in with the rest of your laundry to wash and dry . A rapid rinsing under the sink is all right if it does n't matter about the pad himself being stained .   The only downside I 's seeing be altered them when you 're out and having to carry them in your purse till you are able get house . But you are able presumably work around that by carrying a plastic bag in your purse . Hope this assistances . Good luck and bestest wishes : )   Edit : I like the notion of less waste and smaller ecological footprint too : )   If you 're comfortable using tampons than you might wish to try a menstrual cup like the Keeper , Mooncup or Diva Cup . The cost is like $ 25-30usd but they paying off themselves quickly and going on for ten years . 

Q: Your opinion on reusable pads?
A: I 'm in praise of them , very much so both professionally and personally .   Professionally , I can say they 're much healthier and more sanitary .  It is like cloth nappies verses disposable nappies , it is more than the green certificates ( saving 12,000+ pads going into landfills , detrimental chemicals contaminating environmental and plastics/paper pulp used ) , it means less risks of irritation/rashes and no potential longer-term health dangers from chemicals utilized in disposables . Cloth pads also substantially decrease risks of yeast infections and UTI 's which are able is greater common with disposable pads/liners .   Personally I can say that they 're very comfortable .  Where as disposable pads make that area sweaty and make it feel like you are sitting around in your own blood , cloth pads let air get to your genitals so keep you a lot dryer , there was no chemicals , rough edges or sticky stuff to annoy your skin either . Cloth pads also do n't gather-up as much as disposable pads - though they were able sometimes shift back or forwards . They 're essentially soft like your underwear , so it is like wearing padded underwear .   I use a menstrual cup so do n't need pads , my flow was just too heavy for pads or tampons anyhow , but I will occasionally wear cloth pads at house on lighter flow days - I 've attempts disposables since switch , and they just feel disgusting . It frustrates me an enormous dealing when so numerous girls say that is n't true like pads as they 're 'gross ' , 'feels like a nappy ' or 'feels like sitting in your own blood ' because I know for a fact they solely is believed that way due to the fact they send us disposables .   You have other pluses like these people are very trendy right now , you are able get them in any colour or pattern you like , different styles including period pants and period belts , and they 're much less expensive - pads like Lunapads or Gladrags commencing from about $ 10.99 , where as you are able buy cloth pads from places such as Etsy from as small as $ 1.50 or make your own so even cheaper - and they going on for up to 5 years so , this is a enormous saving . Companies 's also much more ethical ; concerned about the health of women , environmental and does not use women 's body-issues against them sold off products .   They are n't too a lot hassle - I know women who soak them , wash them specific ways , wash them separately - personally I do n't see the point . I just throw them in with the rest of my laundry , that is n't true smell bad so no problem with them sitting in the laundry , they get just as clean , and they are able stain a small however , as I 'm the only 1 who sees my pads , so they 're no more hassle than disposables - less gross to carry round with you than carrying used disposables with you if there was no ibn !   Eight Myths About Washable Menstrual Pads Dispelled - http : //www.scarleteen.com/article/pink/e ...  Cloth pad database - http : //clothpads.wikidot.com  Ecomenses - http : //labyrinth.net.au/~obsidian/clothp ...