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The production of pyrolysis gas called gasification is partial combustion of biomass (such as rice husk, woodchips, saw dust, crop stalk, coconut hull, bagasse, olive pomace etc.). Therefore, such a project is an ideal one with significant benefits for the area where there is plenty of biomass resources but is short of electric power supply or with higher electricity expense. The equipment can be safe and reliable operated with operational technology that's easy to be mastered by workers, and the maintenance and repair work is similar to ordinary diesel generators.

Under the effect of hot bed material,biomass contact with air from the bottom of gasifier . At the same time ,pyrolysis and gasification reaction happen so that biomass is converted into fuel gas . Gas Purification Process Use advanced Purification technology to remove dust and collect tar.

Biomass power plant Rice husk gasification technology is a new kind of biomass utilization technology. The rice husk in low oxygen gasification and high temperature environment, occurrence boiler gas is obtained , Producer gas into including CO/H 2 /CH 4 /C N H M etc. Use of natural gas engine unit will be converted to electricity.

For same output kwh Biomass and Wood Gasifier Power Plant would be save 2-3 times space comparing to others from China. 4. Biomass and Wood Gasifier Power Plant adopts combined mechanical refrigeration and centrifugal seperation tech to cool the gas and remove the tar and the water would not contact the gas directly. While many gasifier power plant from China adopts water spaying to cool the gas and remove the tar it would cause bad water pollution.

3) Main Motor: we equip the super quality and brand Simens Motor for our hammer mill machine. We adopt the super quality Siemens brand motor in our machine. ♦ We understand how important the quality is, and we also understand the importance of timely shipping.

2.Tight the equipment in the truck without space to ensure no rubbing during the transportation . 2. Experienced staffs answer all your question in professional and fluent English. 4. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well- trained and professional engineers .

Gasifier type: downdraft fixed bed gasifier, updraft fixed bed gasifier and fluidized bed gasifier. we will depend on the feature of biomass to use difference gasifier . different gasifier has different feastures . II.

The contaminants will be removed by the purification system to ensure normal operation of gas engine. Simple process and less land requirements make biomass gasification power plant more economic comparing with other renewable energy. The Powermax biomass gasification power plant is a biomass system that utilizes the biomass as its energy sources.

S yngas then is used as fuel in thermal and electric power application s . 2) Biomass gasification system is characteristic of small land requirement and environment friendly. Our biomass gasifier genset used in abroa d Product Solutions

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