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        Q: What does the hood mean in Robin Hood?
A: the pie on his head detonated My answering : I believe Robin Hood ha stole from the wealthy , and is granted to poor people . He also hunted on the King 's land , and assassinated the King 's animals . He also did n't pay taxes to the King . This made the King angry with him , and therefore he 's a wanted person . I felt that is how the story goes , but I 'm not absolutely convinced . But this situation is a more proper answering than the other one ... . Yes , the second answering is really more proper but there 's been more to it than that . In the earliest ballads about Robin Hood , dated before 1450 , a King Edward visits Robin in Yorkshire and make him a yeoman . The only King Edward who was in Yorkshire before 1450 was Edward II , and the reason he 's in Yorkshire in 1323 was be created his rule over the county , because Thomas , Earl of Lancaster , ha are endeavouring to topple him and ha been conquered in 1322 . All Thomas 's mens were declared outlaw , and there exists reason to think that Robin Hood ha been battling on Thomas 's side . Then , obviously , as an outlaw , Robin 's also wanna for burglary . In general , that is the line I take in my novel The Robin Hood Chronicles . 

Q: Who is robin from batman character name?
A: My drama grouping did a play on batman and robin . we called him bobbin ' robin . 

Q: What is Robin Singh most famous for?
A: Robin Hood Was Fomous Because He Stole From The Rich To Feed The Poor , Well That Is the Legend , But Nobody KNows Wheather He Was Real or Not . Poeple Think He Is But Nobody Knows .