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Rock cutting machines are powerful tools used to cut rock cores including concrete, stone, metallic specimens, and other building materials. With a rock cutter saw you can choose between wet or dry operations. The technique you choose usually depends on the type of rock you’re cutting and what type of finish you want to achieve. A rock cutter polisher or rock cutting and polishing machine can help with this.

How Does a Rock Cutting Machine Work?

Most rock cutting equipment use a diamond-tipped blade or a laser to remove small chips of stone from much larger pieces until the desired shape and pattern are achieved. The head of a laser rock cutter is three-dimensional and moves in various directions and patterns, allowing you to create complex shapes and configurations out of various types of stone and rock.

A rock cutting band saw works slightly different. Band saws cut stone using a long, sharp blade made of toothed metal that’s stretched between two or more wheels. Outside of the rock cutting industry, band saws are also commonly used to cut metal and lumber. Rock wire saws are another popular type of rock cutting machine that utilizes a metal cable or wire to cut bulk solid materials including stone, rocks, concrete, glass, crystals, and wood. Different types of rock cutting equipment serve different purposes and work better with certain stones than others. Be sure to find the best rock cutter saw for the material you’re using and the specific job you’re performing.

What is a Lapidary Trim Saw and How Does it Work?

Lapidary trim saws serve a special purpose in the rock cutting industry. These tools remove a small amount of rough stone from the edges of polished pieces using an abrasive saw. The end result is exposed, semi-precious gemstones for resale. Lapidary trim saws can also shape special gemstones, minerals, and rocks into ornate shapes and decorative pieces used for small figurines, jewelry, and other intricate items.