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        Q: How do you get a horse to breed?
A: A horse utilized for producing foals . Whether it is the m's use for breed , often called a broodmare , or a breeding stallion , often called a stud , they are able both go under the `` breeding horse '' title . 

Q: What do you think about this horse?
A: She is gorgeous . 17.3 hands seemed very tall for a recorded Quarter Horse , although , and she 's doing n't look that big in the photographgraphs , but I could be incorrect ! If you are able afford to home and feed her , I would go for a test ride ! 

Q: Fun little horse quiz!!?
A: 1.What is the circular brush with short rubber nubs called ? Curry   2.Your horse is rolling and kicking at his belly , what 's incorrect ? Collic !   3.Your horse is dipping grain and rebuffs to take the bit , what 's incorrect ? He/she needs their teeth floated !   4.This is the pad that goes under the saddle but on top of the saddle pad , in general for hunt seating : No idea ? I ride hunt seating and I stili do n't know , rose that this means ... riser pad perhaps ?   5.The V shaped participation in the hoof 's called the : Frog   6.The bases of the tail , or where it begins it called the : Croup/Dock   7.The shoulder/mane area where there exists a bone stickin up 's called the : Withers   8.This breeding of horse is feasible to more quickly than a thoroughbred : Quarter Horse   9.This breeding of horse was well known f, or is this dished face : Arabian   10.What are stallions , mares , geldings , fillys , colts , and foals ?  Stallion : Adult , uncastrated male  Mare : Adult females  Gelding : Castrated male  Filly : Young females horse  Colt : Young male horse  Foal : Young horse ( either gender )