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        Q: What shutter speed do I use? (new to Photography)?
A: Shutter speeding is how quick the shutter on your camera opens and closings , letting in lighting to compose your photo . Shutter speeding 've got a lot to do with the lighting of your photograph . A higher shutter speeding of approximately 1/700 may turn your image everywhere from black to scarcely black . A shutter speeding of a round 1/8 will let in a low of lighting , having a possibility of overexposing your image . Shutter speeding also controls whether or not any motion in your picture freezes or blurs . A shutter speeding of approximately 1/700 will freeze most motion but a shutter speeding of approximately 1/8 will blur all motion in your picture . 

Q: What shutter speed and aperture should I use?
A: Shutter speeding is in seconds , then frthe acts of seconds . I am guessing that 10 = 10 seconds , and 500 = 1/500th of a 2nd . The manual that came with the 's come tora will have that info . If you have n't got the manual , you are able Google places to download it . The shutter is how long the lighting is permitted to achieve the sensor . Fast speeding ( 1/500 ) lets in less light than sluggish , and freezes action . Slow shutter velocities let in more lighting , but you have to maintaining the 's come tora stable to prevent shake and blurring . Aperture is how broader the hole in the lens is whilst the lighting is coming through . The aperture also controls depth of field , which is how much is in sharp focussings . A wider open ( f/2.8 ) enabling more light to be transmitted through whilst making less in focussings . A narrow open ( f/22 ) enabling less light through and has more in focussings . In your camera the variance in DoF will not be as pronounced as it would be in a dSLR . Together with ISO , these three form your exposure .   Your camera has manual exposure mode , as well as shutter priority and aperture priority . Shutter priority mean you select the shutter speeding and the 's come tora picks the aperture for the `` accurate '' exposure . Aperture priority basis , the opposite , you select aperture and camera select shutter speeding . Manual exposure mode mean you select both .   Pick up a beginner book on basic photograph . Here 's also are a few of sites that will assist in :   http : //digital-photography-school.com/di ...   http : //jfletcherphoto.wordpress.com/2009 ...   http : //asp.photo.free.fr/Composition/pho ...   You will be required your camera handbook . It will be nearly impracticable learn lessons if you did n't hear how to accessing things on the 's come tora . Have fun and pleased shooting ! 

Q: What does the shutter do in the camera?
A: There are far more than two , for convinced . I are familiar with the focal plane shutter ( a pair of horizontally or vertically traveling blinds close to the movie plane ) , the leaf shutter ( generally 1 to 3 blades included in the lens that pivot to disclose the open ) and the diaphragm shutter ( three to five blades that pivot in this way as creation a approximately circular open much the same as the aperture blades in a SLR lens ) . I believes the term `` central shutter '' utilized , to describe the position of what is usually a diaphragm shutter as opposite to being a type on it ' own . The earliest and simplest shutter was , in fact , the lens cap itself.. The two fundamental types of shutters are the Focal plane shutter and the Leaf shutter .