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Both sides of the rack up roller and side rollers with movement of rail, fixed on the side of the rack with roller bearing for half of the closed frame structure, has overturned side rack shelf support devices. Bearing in the liquid under pressure can rise and fall along the rail, according to the size of the thrust rod, steel plate under the roller clamping force required by the hydraulic system pressure control valve be adjusted. Bearing in the liquid under pressure, can be tilted up and down along the rail, the size of the piston rod of the thrust force according to the needs of steel plate by the hydraulic system pressure control valve be adjusted.

W11S Hydraulic steel notch machine, 4 roller rolling machine, cintreuse 1. used to coil plate into different sharps such as cylindrical form, conic form and arc, it adopted Japan hydraulic technical 2. Top roller can do vertical and level motion, up and down, parallel translation is display 3. Upper roll can move in vertical and level include pre-bending function 3. Adopted many points to lubricate Universal Plate Rolling Machine 4. Mechnical, hydraulic, electricity all system set over loading protect device 5. Fitted quality CNC system fault check itself automatically, error give an alarm, mistake protection and so on pipe bener 6. Adopt hand switch button box easily operate Universal Plate Rolling Machine 7. Simple foundation equipment, it can move to operate W11S Hydraulic steel notch machine, 4 roller rolling machine, cintreuse Model W11S Max rolling thickness Max pre-rolling thickness Plate width Diameter of upper roller Main motor power (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kw) 12*2000 12 10 2000 250 5.5 16*2500 16 12 2500 300 15 18*3000 18 14 3000 350 15 20*3000 20 16 3000 375 22 30*3000 30 25 3000 450 30 40*4000 40 35 4000 630 55 45*4000 45 40 4000 660 75 50*4000 50 45 4000 700 75 60*4000 60 55 4000 780 90 70*4000 70 65 4000 840 110 80*4000 80 75 4000 900 110 90*3000 90 80 3000 800 90 100*4000 100 85 4000 940 2*55 110*4000 110 95 4000 990 2*75 120*3000 120 100 3000 960 2*55 130*3000 130 110 3000 980 2*75 150*3000 150 120 3000 990 2*75 160*4000 160 130 4000 1260 2*90 W11S Hydraulic steel notch machine, 4 roller rolling machine, cintreuse W11S Hydraulic steel notch machine, 4 roller rolling machine, cintreuse

Numerical control, high producing efficiency, simple operation. U pper roller likes drum with collaboration of carrier roller permit continual bending of any thickness of plate. D ifferent use has different control way, like top numerical control and below numerical control.

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Find versatile rolling machines on that are suitable for both domestic and industrial applications. These machines have a wide range of applications, from cigarette rolling to industrial rolling. Roller rolling machines are available in different types, such as single duty roll forming machines, standardized rolling machines, side by side machines and rafted machines. has a collection of industrial rolling machines, including 2 roll machines, 3 roll initial pinch, 3 roll variable translating geometry, 4 rolls double pinch, vertical rolls and automated cycle and specialty rolls. The 4 roll machines can pre-bend material without removing the machine's workpiece, thereby saving time and expediting the process. Roller rolling machines encourage large-scale production because duplicate runs of the same cylinders are simpler to set up.

The automatic braking feature ensures that automatic rolling machines are more reliable and effective in feeding sheets. These devices are made of high-quality non-toxic metal for the safety of the user. They have a rigid steel construction for strength and durability. To ensure quality, these devices ensure consistency in the joint rolling of cigarettes. Industrial rolling machines have excellent plate carrying ability, timely and stably clamping plates between rollers for ideal positioning.

Enjoy the striking cigarette rolling machine available in custom designs. They are highly effective and lightweight for ease of portability. has unbeatable factory prices for automatic rolling machines with motorized roller adjustment features for convenience. Check out this range with the latest designs and fair prices. Use the promotional offers to acquire these roller rolling machines for both industrial and domestic use.