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Roofing nails are special nails designed to lock roofing materials onto their supporting frames or underlayments when creating a roofing network. They come in a span of sizes, typically 1-2 inches, but can be longer or shorter. Although in different designs, these nails have a few things in common: They have a pointed tip and a relatively broader, thinner head, which help them to penetrate, be waterproof, and hold roofing materials down without causing fissures or worse damage, while staying in their perforations. For wide-range use, there are aluminum roofing nails, stainless steel roofing nails, and galvanized roofing nails, among other commonly used metals. Although specially designed, roofing nails are not all generic in purpose, which is why there are different types of them, as you can find below.

Smooth-shank nails

These are nails for roof sheathing made of a plain head and shank. They are the most regular type of sheeting nails and, due to their design, are easier to drive into roofing materials. They are a set of versatile nails for framing and finishing roofs. What is more, smooth shank nails are one of the cheapest nail types you can find in the market.

Ring-shank nails

Ring-shank nails are sheathing nails detailed with ring-like impressions on their shank. Ring shanks are ideal for roof areas that do not require frequent maintenance to avoid quick damage due to overworking them. If you are looking to get roofing nails that hardly pull out after being driven into roofing materials, then you might find ring-shank roofing nails to be a great solution. You might also find them useful in plywood, decking, and underlayment.

Square-cap nails

Square-cap nails come with a broad square head, making them ideal for holding underlayment more neatly and tightly than most other roofing nails. These shingle nails can also come in handy for a variety of other purposes such as holding down insulation layers of foam boards, tar paper, felt paper, and built-in and modified roof layers.

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