3 Lobe Roots Air Blower

3 Lobe Roots Air Blower

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Roots blowers, also known as roots-type superchargers, are positive displacement lobe pumps constructed with two- to four-lobed rotors, symmetrically positioned between their suction and discharge openings to rotate in counter directions for the conditioning of air pressure during factory processes. Roots-type blowers are especially used in pneumatic conveying to transport solids, liquids, and gasses, such as pellets, granules, powders, and sewage fluids; for washing grit chambers, and for recovering industrial gases. With the variety of types in the market, choosing the right roots rotary lobe blower requires considering at least the two key factors below.

Volume flow and pressure

Before choosing a roots blower pump, it is essential to consider how much volume of materials will have to be conveyed during the factory process to know how much pressure is needed to properly convey them. The two-lobed roots blower has a lower conveyance capacity, making it more dependent on pressure to perform more functionally when there is a high volume flow. The three- and four-lobed roots blowers have more lobes, which results in lower pressure being used in pumping, and so, more energy-efficient and less noise-polluting. The larger the volume of materials, the more efficient your machine should be in regulating the pace at which it conveys them. Choosing the right roots blower vacuum pump can help you minimize the heat generated and also optimize the machine used for quality performance and durability.


Before buying your roots air blower, you want to know that it meets your budget. You may find it useful to weigh the cost against the functions as well to avoid underspending or overspending. Also, the cost of maintenance and the recurrent expenses generated, such as the blower's energy consumption rate are some of the long-term costs to take into consideration before deciding which roots vacuum blower works for you.

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