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        Q: Do i really need a yoga mat?
A: The two primary purposes for a yoga mat are to avoid having slipping , and provide some minimum cushioning .  Many people find their hands , feet , or both , sliding when doing a pose such as Downward Facing Dog* or Warrior I and II** .  A yoga mat ( frequently alluded to as a sticky mat ) is providing a non-slip surface to push against for bare feet and hands .   If neither slipping nor discomfort from hard floor is an issuance for you , there was likely no cause you 'd want a mat .   Namaste ' ,  dwb   * http : //www.google.com/search ? q=warrior+I ...  ** http : //www.google.com/search ? q=warrior+I ... and http : //www.google.com/search ? q=warrior+I ... 

Q: What makes a good yoga mat?
A: The bestest yoga mats are made by Manduka . They are sold at local yoga studios from $ 65- $ 95 dollar pernd these people are good quality and final forever . Check the manduka website and searching for retailers near you . 

Q: Is a Yoga mat really needed?
A: A yoga mat would presumably make things most comfortable for you - but this is not a necessity . Since it sounds like you 're doing it on a hard surface , you presumably will want something beneath you to make it a bit most comfortable . Since the towel was slippery , you could always try using some heavy-duty tape to hold it down . But it sounds like you are doing fine without it so just do what feels bestest for you .