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Find quality and reliable RTD sensors from Alibaba.com and enjoy a selection of suitable sensors. The sensor is suitable for sensing temperature changes in any machine. The sensors have transmitters or control systems to increase the sensor's resistance. The sensors are made based on the resistance-temperature relationships, which help measure temperature change based on resistance value.

The temperature-humidity sensor is made from various materials such as copper, platinum and nickel. However, most sensors are made of platinum due to the materials' stability and the ability to be applied in ranging temperatures. The material choice also depends on factors such as the linearity, accuracy and stability, and repeatability properties of the materials. There are various versions of the sensors depending on the RTD cable used. The sensors range from two-wired to four-wired sensors. The cables create the compensation needed for optimum functionality. The three-wired sensor is the most applicable due to the wide-scale application. Find these products and similar ones at Alibaba.com.

The RTD sensor helps users measure the current, voltage, or acceleration levels of different machines based on the temperature changes. The sensors can act as safety measures to prevent any accident that can arise due to overheating. The sensors use various principles such as the piezoelectric effect to measure voltage and current levels and the Hall Effect to measure magnetic density and current flow.  

The RTD sensor has a wide range of applications; the sensors are applicable in industrial machines, automotive, electronics, medical equipment and aviation. Buyers have a wide range of options depending on the number of wires and the materials. Alibaba.com offers every version of the sensor to save buyers from the stress of having to search for the items.