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Chinese famous brand BAINA 90vacuum cold-feeding extruder rubber continuous vulcanizing extrusion line Parameter Our production line has the model: Item Quantity (set) 1. 90 mm cold feed vacuum extruder+ Standard head 1 2. 3 M high-temperature forming machine 1 3. 8.9 m 12KW microwave vulcanization oven 1 4. 8.9 M Hot air vulcanization oven 2 5. 4 m Cooling water tank with drying 1 6. Traction machine 1 7. 16 P Chiller 1 8. PLC control 1 Various types of basic parameters: Item Diameter of screw (mm) L/D ratio Speed of screw (r/min) Driving power (KW) Max output of production (kg/h) Weight (kg) 150mm 20D (vacuum) 150 20:1 0-45 160 1000 6500 150mm 16D 150 16:1 0-45 132 800 6500 120mm 20D (vacuum) 120 20:1 0-50 110 700 5200 120mm 16D 120 16:1 0-50 110 600 5200 90mm 20D (vacuum) 90 20:1 0-55 55 320 3200 90mm 16D 90 16:1 0-55 55 280 3200 75mm 20D (vacuum) 75 20:1 0-55 37 160 1200 75mm 16D 75 16:1 0-55 37 140 1200 50mm 12D 50 12:1 2-70 7.5 50 600

The rubber bands are widely used for gift packing, vegetable packing and some toys. We have extrusion machine for 3d printer filament, medical tube, industrial tube and profile. If we have the same machine in storage, it can be finished with 7 working days.

wire pointing and threading machine b. hot/cold welding machine c. industry comparison table c.

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Need to mold plastic? Then, here you go! Buy. rubber extrusion machine from Alibaba.com and start unveiling your creativity at making plastic products. It offers. rubber extrusion machine sold by verified manufacturers and suppliers for both personal as well as industrial uses.. rubber extrusion machine are machines creatively designed to produce continuous lengths of plastic pieces out of a particular type of plastic resin.
rubber extrusion machine are used to create a number of items like plastic sheets, rods, filaments, etc. Thermoplastic products of this category are mainly categorized into 3 classes - single screw ones, twin or multiple screws machines, and ram machines.. rubber extrusion machine enable specialized processing of melted plastic eventually converted into fine plastic products. They come in different sizes and dimensions. Mini. rubber extrusion machine are also procurable at Alibaba.com, that too at affordable prices. Get the quotation now!
rubber extrusion machine may be standardized or custom made. In either case, some of the features of the machines are paid special attention to. They. rubber extrusion machine give you guaranteed optimum productivity and quality. They save a lot of time and labor. You can choose from a widespread domain of sophisticated. rubber extrusion machine with unique functionalities available in the market. 

The upcoming generation is an era of being highly advanced and equipped. Alibaba.com is flooded with a variety of. rubber extrusion machine to perfectly fit with your demands. It is always there at the call of individuals as well as wholesalers to look after all their personal and commercial shopping requirements.