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Rubber seal strip

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About rubber seal strip

The usage scenarios of rubber seal strip

A rubber sealing strip is a common sealing element mainly used to prevent gases, liquids, solids, and other substances from entering the interior from the gap of the joint surface and also to prevent internal substances from leaking outward. The following are the main uses of rubber sealing strips:

The automotive industry: Door rubber seals have applications in the automotive industry, including the body, doors, windows, seats, and even the core components of the engine. For example, the door frame rubber seal is divided into large D specifications of 14 * 12 (millimeters), small D specifications of 9 * 7 (millimeters), and P-type specifications of 28 * 11 (millimeters). Door and window industry: Some rubber seal strips, like black weather stripping, also play an important role in the door and window industry, mainly used for sealing doors and windows to prevent rainwater, dust, noise, etc., from entering the interior. At present, the materials for doors and windows in the market are generally divided into three types: plastic steel, aluminum alloy, and logs. The sealing strip specifications used are generally 26 * 17 (millimeters). Mechanical equipment: Silicone door seal strips are also widely used in mechanical equipment, such as container doors, refrigerator doors, cold storage doors, and cabinet doors. Its ordinary specifications are generally 82 * 23 (millimeters).

In addition to the industries mentioned above, rubber sealing strips are also used in household daily necessities, such as shower glass rubber seals, which can be used in drainage pipes and glass windows. Other industries: Rubber sealing strips can also be applied in many industries such as construction, chemical industry, aerospace, etc., playing a role in waterproofing, sealing, sound insulation, dust prevention, fixation, etc.

How to choose a rubber seal stripe?

When choosing a rubber sealing strip, people need to consider its material and characteristics. There are various materials for rubber sealing strips, including EPDM, PVC, TPE, etc. These materials each have their advantages and disadvantages, such as good heat resistance of EPDM, low cost of PVC, and good flexibility of TPE. Therefore, the selection needs to be based on the actual usage environment and needs.

When choosing rubber sealing strips, it is important to note whether their size is suitable for needs and whether their material can adapt to the local climate conditions. In addition, its durability and ease of cleaning should also be considered, as these factors directly affect the service life and comfort of the rubber sealing strip.