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About running machine

What is a running machine?

A running machine is a piece of exercise equipment that simulates running while still being stationary. Running machines are the same things as treadmills. These machines can also be used to simulate walking and climbing, depending on the model. Running machines consist of a rotating conveyer belt that the user runs on, handles to keep the user from falling, and some sort of system to control speed, incline, etc. This system is usually a computer and monitor, though older and cheaper models might only have a few knobs. Most higher-end models have more complicated systems which have more features. Models include the Zero Runner, the Air Runner treadmill, and the Merax treadmill. Running machines for home can range from top-of-the-line to very simple. Many are folding treadmills for home, including foldable incline treadmills.

How does a running machine work?

The way a running machine operates is simple. A motor or flywheel moves the conveyor belt that the user runs on and the speed is adjusted by the user via the monitor. Most modern treadmills are motorized, though some older models were powered by the user's running. Some running machines have the ability to raise or lower the platform, simulating an incline. This, too, can be manually adjusted by the user.

Running machine vs running outside

Running on a treadmill gives the user a more precise workout that is lower impact since the running surface is smooth and consistent. There is also the added benefit of being able to run in any type of weather since it is most common to see treadmills at home, in the gym, or can be brought indoors. Running outside is more cost-effective and higher impact, as the terrain is uneven. Outside running is, however, dependent on the weather conditions of any given day.