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Typical products include automotive fittings, electrical parts, FRP skylight board, fiberglass fish tank etc. By using fiberglass chopped strands, the products' performance improve apparently in mechanical strength and anti-corrosion capatity. Contact Information We can also provide fiberglass chopped strand mat, woven roving, fiberglass roving and yarn.

FRP plane skylight is the more strengthened, saf e ty, and more econimal gree n house panel with the properties of waterproof,good light transmittance,heat insulation,strong impact resistant,withstand extreme temperature. 8) Mainly serve the big factory, warehouse, super markets and other steel-structured project. 3. Can you do the production as customized9 Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.

Q: What is your annual turn over9 A: More than 100 millions RMB in 2015, and our target in 2016 is about 150million RMB. 3. Quality control department with experienced professers, engineers who from authroized FRP Universities, Reaseach institutes. etc; Q: What is your lead time9 A: Always in 7-10 days for normal production and stock in 3-5 days.

140g S glass fiber fabric 1.Feature It is made of pretreatment process, without high temperature dewaxing, it could used with epoxy, vinyl resin. It is high strength, high modulus, suitable for aerospace, spaceflight, boat and military industries etc. 2.Typical Size Yarn Density ends/cm Breaking strength N/25mm Weight g/m2 Weave style warp weft warp weft SW80B-90b SC8-12*1*2 16 16 500 500 80 2*2 twill SW100A-90a SC8-12*1*2 20 20 550 550 100 Plain SW110C-90a SC9-12*1*2 22 22 600 600 110 Satin 4HS SW140B-90a SC8-12*2*2 14 14 900 900 140 2*2 twill SW140C-90a SC8-12*2*2 14 14 900 900 140 Satin 4HS SW180D-90a SC8-12*2*2 18 18 1200 1200 180 5HS SW210B-92a SC8-12*2*3 16 12 1600 1350 210 2*2 twill SW210A1-92a SC8-24*1*3 16 12 1600 1350 210 Plain SW220B-90a SC8-12*2*3 18 14 1900 1600 240 2*2 twill SW220C-90a SC8-12*2*3 18 14 2000 1600 240 Satin 4HS SW220D-90a SC8-12*2*3 18 14 2000 1600 240 5HS SW220B-90b SC8-12*2*3 18 14 1900 1600 240 2*2 twill SW220C-90b SC8-12*2*3 18 14 1900 1600 240 4HS SW240F-92a SC8-12*2*3 20 14 2700 1500 260 8HS SW280F1-90a SC8-24*1*3 20 18 2000 1700 280 8HS

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About products and suppliers:

Alibaba.com features some of the most durable, high-capacity, and efficient s glass fiber for all types of commercial as well as industrial uses. These solid s glass fiber are extremely hardy and can withstand all kinds of pressures and impacts with ease for years to come. To top it all, these robust s glass fiber are flame-retardant, heat insulation FRP products that can easily stand the test of time along with consistent performance. Buy these FRP products from the leading suppliers and wholesalers on the site.

Regardless of what FRP products you are looking for, you can get your hands on the most premium collection of outstanding and superior quality s glass fiber on the site. These s glass fiber are made from reinforced fiber-plastics that are hardened raw materials with silicone treated surfaces for optimal performance and maximum durability. These s glass fiber are made of materials or FRP sheets that have higher moldable abilities and are entirely cased in resin to enhance the performance levels. These products also offer higher dimensional stability due to densely aligned fibers and are very lightweight products irrespective of their sturdiness. 

Alibaba.com showcases a wide selection of s glass fiber available in distinct sizes, colors, styles, designs, weaving types and shapes to fit into your requirements. You can use these hardened s glass fiber for bus bodies, water pipes, pipeline protection clothes, and many more uses. These s glass fiber or FRP products are also temperature resistant and can stand anything between 190 degrees to 300 degrees Celcius. 

Buy these products at Alibaba.com, exploring the varied s glass fiber ranges and save money from being wasted. These products are CE, ISO certified, and available as OEM orders. For bulk purchases, customized packaging is available too.