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Sand washers are used to clean the sand by removing impurities and foreign objects, such as stones or mica, which cause slurry losses during subsequent milling steps. Sand washing machines have a mixing chamber in which the sand falls and is mixed with water. The mixture is then cleaned of impurities by progressively finer filters, finally leaving only clean sand behind.

Spiral Sand Washing Machines

Sand screw washers, also known as spiral sand washers, consist of an oval-shaped tunnel fitted with a rotationally moving shaft. The shaft rotates while drawing sand through the winding spiral augers with slurry flowing in the opposite direction. This causes the material to be suspended and separated within the tank, with the lightest particles being washed out first by the slurry flow.

Wheel Sand Washing Machines

A wheel sand washer is an industrial-grade machine designed to clean and wash sand and gravel. This type of sand washing equipment uses a rotating wheel with a series of paddles, or "impellers", to crush the material, flushing out impurities and destroying water vapor that covers the sand.

Drum Sand Washing Machines

Drum sand washing machines are another aggregate washing equipment. The machine's motor drives a reducer, which turns the large and small gears. These gears turn the cleaning cylinder at a low speed, so that mud and stone powder can be removed from the aggregate. The aggregate enters the drum through a feed port, where it is cleaned by being mixed with water inside the rotating drum.

Vibration Sand Washing Machines

These sand washing machines consist mainly of a motor and an upper eccentric block. When the rotating shaft rotates, it will cause the eccentric bearing to move back and forth, causing sand vibration. The vibration process can improve the efficiency of sand washing by separating particles of different sizes.