About products and suppliers:

There are different types of women's sanitary pads or sanitary napkin to suit different needs. The women's sanitary napkins come in different sizes to suit different fits, and you can find sanitary pads with wings or without. The product range includes sanitary napkin options that are similar to Feminy sanitary napkins, Always sanitary pads, Stayfree sanitary napkin, Angel secret pads, Modess pads, Whisper sanitary pads, and Jewel premium sanitary napkins in look, feel, and absorbency.

Beyond disposable there are also reusable sanitary pads available that are washable and offer greater sustainability. If you’re looking for sanitary napkin made of natural materials then you can find organic sanitary pads such as cotton sanitary pads and other biodegradable sanitary pads.

Other products found in this category include sanitary napkin belts which are old fashioned sanitary pads that are adjustable and have pull-on one size fits all functionality. There are also related products available, including sanitary napkin receptacles and other sanitary napkin dispensers similar to the Bobrick sanitary napkin dispenser that help with sanitary napkin disposal.

If you’re looking to source for your brand, you can find suppliers who offer private label sanitary products and allow you to buy wholesale sanitary napkin that are branded with your logo. Search the massive selection on Alibaba.com and enjoy amazing deals.