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About products and suppliers:

Sanitary pads are an essential commodity for females, and one can check out the list of quality pads at Materials that go into the making of the product are cotton, cloth and bamboo cotton. There are certain cotton pads options available that can be washed and reused. One can also find biodegradable organic sanitary pads that help protect the environment as well.   

There are many product options that come with features such as winged sides and thick fluff pulp to suit specific needs. A buyer can also check out sanitary pads for heavy flow for the initial two days of the menstrual cycle. Apart from regular pads, one can also check out pads specifically for maternity use. One with lesser flow can also go for ultra-thin cotton menstrual pads.

Individuals working full days during periods can also check out towel napkins, as this is a highly absorbent pad option. There are herbal versions with no bleach sanitary pad options that do not react with intimate areas of skin. One going for reusable cloth pads will have a lot of design and pattern options to choose from. Individuals can buy pads that come in a box that can be used for disposal as well. features sanitary pads that are breathable in nature and super absorbent. There are some options where one can go for scented pads such as mint for an odorless menstruation period. A buyer ordering the product in wholesale can strike discounted deals with the sellers listed on the site as well.