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Recently satin pillows and silk satin pillowcases have become one of the hottest topics regarding sleep and health improvement. Satin pillow covers don’t only look luxurious and elegant, they can also improve the skin and hair conditions. Silk and satin are made of super-smooth fiber parts, making them less prone to friction and resulting in very minor skin wrinkling and hair breakage. Silk and satin also have thermoregulating features, meaning in winter, sleeping on real satin pillowcases will keep your face and head warm and will cool them down in summer. Many bloggers and influencers in the beauty sphere promote factory-made and vegan satin pillowcases. Both of them are great examples of pillowcases, but it is pretty popular nowadays to follow vegan or eco-friendly trends. Alibaba.com carries a massive selection of satin and silk pillowcases to satisfy your customers' every need. There are king size satin pillowcases and queen size satin pillowcases. They can also be of every color your customer wants, for example black satin pillowcases, white satin pillowcases, pink satin pillowcases, green satin pillowcases, purple satin pillowcases, and so on.

Satin pillowcases for hair and skincare routines

A lot of beauty professionals claim that sleeping on a silk or satin pillow can vastly improve a person’s daily self-care routine. Because of the unique features of these fabrics, there are special satin pillowcases for skin care, satin pillowcase for acne treatment, and beauty boost hydrating satin pillowcases for dry skin. Satin doesn’t absorb oils like cotton, meaning your customers can become less prone to skin breakouts. There are also ​​satin pillowcase for curly hair, straight, and unruly hair. The pillowcases help the hair stay untangled, moisturized, and in shape.

Satin pillowcases for everyday use

If your customers don’t have any problems with their hair or skin, it shouldn’t stop them from acquiring a set or two. It’s a stylish addition to any bedroom, and regarding maintenance and washing satin pillowcases, it’s quite simple - wash in cold water and air dry after.

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