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4. The machine equipped single control solenoid valves to prevent the platform dropping if power failure. 2. In sale service: We provide free guidance of installation and debugging and free training of operation, care and maintenance. 4. Provide spare parts, worksite installation guidance and training operation.

3. Specializing in plywood production line and finger joint board production line . During-sales 1. We inspect and test the machine before delivery. 2.We are willing to freely tran your technicist and first-line operator.

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About products and suppliers:
Those handling materials in warehouses often need scissor lift tables for lifting heavy items to and from high shelves. Alibaba.com offers many of these tables from different suppliers and manufacturers. Apart from warehouses, these electric scissor lift tables are useful also in hotels, building material shops, garment shops and machinery repair sheds. Available in different lifting capacities, these lifting tables can be electrical or hydraulic in operation. Most of these industrial scissor lift tables have a high-duty steel structure.

On the site, buyers have a huge choice of scissor lift tables. For instance, there are heavy-duty lifts, standard lifts, car lifts, dock lifts, tilting lifts, rotary platform lifts, low profile lifts, U-shaped lifts and roller type lifts. Buyers use these electric scissor lift tables to lift goods to other floors and for loading and unloading goods from trucks using forklifts. Manufacturers can design and produce these lifts following certain requirements of customers. Usually, the customization is on load capacity, lifting height, table size and power supply.

Apart from being electrically operated, these scissor lift tables are driven by a hydraulic system. They work safely and with high stability even when handling large load capacities. For an easy and safe operation, users have multi-colored points on different floors and remote controls for individual hydraulic lift tables. Each unit has individual lifting, stopping and descending control on their remote controls.

Buy these versatile scissor lift tables from Alibaba.com. These lifts have many safety devices, such as explosion-proof valves to protect hydraulic pipes for avoiding pipe rupture. There are also spillover valves to prevent high pressure when the electric scissor lift table is moving up. An emergency decline valve prevents the table from coming down when power is suddenly switched off. For preventing dangerous overloads, they have an overload protection locking device.