Scissor style tweezers

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About scissor style tweezers

On, you will find an extensive selection of wholesale scissor style tweezers from our list of suppliers. As one of the biggest B2B marketplaces in the world, we are proud to offer you all sorts of scissor style tweezers from curved eyelash tweezers in a set to individual eyelash tweezers depending on the shape and material you need.

There are seven major shapes when it comes to scissor style tweezers. While some are specific to use for classic eyelashes, some like I and F shapes can handle both classic and isolation eyelashes. Additionally, l shape and round shape false eyelash tweezers are also available in complete sets. Options in s shaped tweezers for all round use as fake eyelash tweezers are also available.

Different materials are also used to make scissor style tweezers. Professional eyelash tweezers are usually made from either stainless steel or titanium. Professional lash tweezers are non-allergenic which means that they are medical grade quality as stainless steel lash tweezers can sometimes cause allergic reactions if they contain traces of nickel. Non-magnetic options are also available here.

So, start looking through our listings here on to find the perfect product for your customers. Our suppliers are very knowledgeable and looking forward to helping you place your order today!