S102 High Quality With Auto Flame Treatment And UV Drying System 1-8 Color Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machine1/6

S102 High Quality With Auto Flame Treatment And UV Drying System 1-8 Color Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machine

$24,000.00 / set
1 set(Min Order)
Color & Page: Multicolor
After-Sales Service Provided: Video Technical Support
Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New
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Screen printing drying racks are special equipment designed to dry materials that are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and dye materials and laboratories.

The working principle of the screen printing drying rack

The hot air evaporates and vaporizes the moisture in wet materials, which is then blown out of the screen-drying rack by the dehumidification fan; after the heated air passes through the heat carrier, it exchanges heat with the heater surface, resulting in a heating up of the air. A suction pipe enters the air chamber or silk screen-drying rack when the air temperature reaches a saturation point. After being cooled, the air is discharged. As a result of the circulation of airflow, the entire system in the silkscreen-drying rack is continuously exercised alternately between heat and cold. In order to control the heating rate, a temperature measuring probe is installed on the drying screens for screen printing to monitor the deviation between the material's actual and set temperature. The torque limiting device of the jack will automatically turn off the power or close the valve to ensure safety. Various types of drying rack products are available on the market, such as common drying racks, luxury drying racks, special drying racks, DIY screen printing drying racks, DIY screen-drying racks, screen-drying cabinet DIY, etc.

How to keep screen printing drying racks in good condition?

First, remember to keep the net clean and dry if it is made of stainless steel because stainless steel will rust in the fog containing a lot of salt. Moreover, pay attention to the drying rack's condition and if any signs of desoldering are evident, repair the welding immediately. Ensure that all parts are thoroughly inspected and repaired in time if cracks or deformations are found. The screen rack for screen printing should be coated with anti-rust oil in order to prevent it from loosening or rusting. It is also recommended that the corner wheel bearings be lubricated after being used for a long time in order to avoid bearing damage during pressing.

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