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Fiberglass has taken over various industries thanks to its lightweight, durable and chemical resistance. The material is resistant to corrosion, alkali and exhibits excellent fire-resistant properties. For this reason, its common in gardens, windows, and patios because it also keeps insects away from your living space. So, if you need to upgrade your home, or keep bugs out of your living areas, then find yourself a self adhesive fiberglass tape from In addition, if you’re finishing up on construction, the mesh boosts the mechanical strength of your home, giving you a sense of assurance in your work.

self adhesive fiberglass tape is an easy-to-use and robust material that will keep your house intact for a long time, without cracking. If you’re constructing an open structure and need to maintain proper visibility plus insects out of your space, then the wholesale selection of mesh from will be an excellent option. When used on walls, the self adhesive fiberglass tape offers excellent water resistance and flexibility. At, you can find wholesales vinyl or latex coated self adhesive fiberglass tape for use in your project. Alternatively, you can go for a fire-resistant self adhesive fiberglass tape to protect your plasterboards or artificial stones from fire damage.

There are several reasons you should be using self adhesive fiberglass tape. For instance, you can reduce the effects of high impacts on your walls, such as distortions, since the meshes help spread the force in all directions. At, you can also find pleated panels that you can customize according to your application. Whether you want to make a window screen or a door shield out of the product, this material is highly flexible, giving you the platform to explore your creative side.