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Self-defense rings do a lot more than just compliment your outfit. These accessories can also keep you safe in dangerous situations. Women’s and men’s self-defense rings look and feel like traditional rings but are equipped with a point or hard edge that doubles as a weapon in certain situations. While some self-defense rings are designed like ornamental pieces of jewelry, Kiora self-defense rings are harder, bulkier, and more closely resemble brass knuckles. The goal of self-defense rings is to deter or fight off an assailant trying to do harm. They’re also referred to as defender rings.

Are Self-Defense Rings Legal?

Because some self-defense rings are considered weapons, a lot of people wonder if self-defense rings are legal. In most cases, it depends on the location. Some countries and states have laws against the use of hard self-defense rings. For example, pepper spray, brass knuckles, and stun guns are illegal in certain places. If you’re considering self-defense rings like brass knuckles or ones that contain a blade, check your local laws before searching self-defense rings for sale.

What Do Self-Defense Rings Look Like?

Many women’s and men’s self-defense rings can pass as everyday jewelry. In fact, Wonder 9th self-defense rings look high-end and are available in gold, silver, white gold, and platinum designs. These defender rings conceal a small blade, so they’re slightly larger than other brands. Hard self-defense rings designed to work like brass knuckles are usually a single, thick band that resembles a traditional wedding band. Some, more playful self-defense ring designs, conceal a tiny blade beneath what appear to be cat ears.

What Are Self-Defense Rings Made Of?

Hard self-defense rings are designed to inflict physical damage to an assailant or at least deter them. For that reason, most defender rings are made using hard, strong materials like stainless steel, metal, copper, and rhodium. These materials are popular in most types of jewelry, making them a fashionable and practical choice.

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