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sensible enthalpy heat exchanger

Installation Pattern 1 and 2 , to increase the heat exchange area, suitable for occasions requiring higher heat recovery efficiency, however, air resistance will increase accordingly. Pattern 3 and 4 , to increase the front face area, suitable for occasions requiring large airflow, both air resistance and heat recovery efficiency remain stable. Pattern 5 , to increase both front face area and heat exchange area, suitable occasions requiring higher heat recovery efficiency and large airflow.

Total heat recovery of ER paper plate heat exchanger Total heat exchanger is made of ER paper which is featured by high moisture permeability, good air tightness, excellent tear resistance, and aging resistance. As a leader in energy/heat recovery equipments, we cooperate with more than 30 famous companies who located in Europe, the Middle east, Korea , Southeast Asia, Taiwan, etc. Holtop certificate Holtop products stand for TOP quality in heat recovery ventilation filed in China, certificated by CE, Eurovent, ISO and other different approved tests like anti-flaming test, anti-mold test, energy saving product test. Etc.

Working principle The flat plates and the corrugated plates form channels for fresh or exhaust air stream. 4. Suitable for room ventilation and industrial ventilation system. 2. It can be also Installed in the ducts of ventilation system as a main part of the heat recovery section, connected by flange.

Hot air and cool air go respectively through each side of the plate, and heat exchanges in this process. paper 2.Structured with flat plates and corrugated plates. 4.Suitable for room ventilation system and industrial ventilation system.

The wheel transfers the energy (cold or heat) contained in exhaust air to the fresh air supplied to indoor. Working Principle Rotary heat exchanger is composed of alveolate heat wheel, case, drive system and sealing parts. Purge Sector Because of the structure of rotary heat exchanger, the outdoor air and exhaust air will mix.

COP, heating capacity must reach national standard, all parameters such as current pressure, and water temperature and so on must be recorded, each heat pump test report is stored. 5). Package After testing and checking , a qualified heat pump is packaged by plastic protective film and wooden case before send to our warehouse, avoid hitting. : 1. When can i get the price quotation9 We can send you the quotation within 24hours after your inquiry,including the shipping cost if you need.

Fast Delivery time Samples : we will send samples for you in 3 days . 3. Our sales send the Proforma Invoice with our seal, or you order online to us. After approval, we inform that we will arrange the production & inform the estimated time.

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