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Shattaf bidet spray

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About shattaf bidet spray

shattaf bidet spray come in various forms. Some houses, malls or hotels come with bidet toilets. This means that the facility comes with built in bidets. There are combined bidet toilets which include both the toilet bowl and bidet amenities. These are now rising in popularity and are often sold to businesses, hotels and end consumers. You can capitalise on this growing market by buying wholesale shattaf bidet spray and toilets, or by searching for already-packaged combo sets that come attached together.

If you are selling the bidet on its own or catering to existing home owners with ordinary toilets, you may want to buy bidet toilet attachments. These make installing a bidet much easier and can set you apart as a good seller.

You can also offer a bidet with dryer features. This is more difficult to find and offering it would allow you to gain more loyal customers. It provides customers or clients' customers with the wonderful convenience of instantly drying their private parts after washing and cleaning them down. Sometimes, this can be more hygienic or more pleasant than using a towel.

There are also travel bidets and portable bidets for people who wish to continue using shattaf bidet spray in foreign countries or on the road. They can be more sanitary than toilet paper, or provide a good option when there is no toiletry available.

Last but not least, heated bidets may be the highly favoured type of bathroom bidets in places with cold climates. Be sure to do your research on your target audiences and offer bidet deals catered to each sub-group of customers.

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