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        Q: Radio frequences before the radio?
A: Note : Impossible to respond to unless you define exactly what you mean by `` radio 5 '' . Did you mean BBC Radio 5 in the UK 

Q: Radio frequency transmitter?
A: Much of your question 're not making any sense . A high voltage coil hooked to the speaker out put of a stereo 's likely to damage both the stereo and the coil . At best it might be accelerated the output creation a spark . A spark transmitter 's likely to interfere with any frequency from the VLF through the UHF and above . ( What is chz ? ) The FCC has strict regulations on transmitter output power and the antennbecause they are linked to and the fined are pretty stiff . Transmitting on multiple frequencies is nearly always bad . Lets assumes that you have building an AM or FM transmitter . If you exceed about one00 milliwatts or have much antenna at everything you will be in infringement and likely to cabe utilized interference . Transmitting within the human ear hearing range is called sound , and you are able get under difficulty for noise infractions . An electromagnetic emission ( radio wave ) at the low frequencies we hear would have small used . Study what radio is only anbout , get your ham licence and enjoy judicial radio and everything it 's facets . 

Q: Radio Transmitter App For Phone?
A: There are/were a few characteristics telephones ( like the LG KM900 ) that ha an intgrated FM transmitter . Did n't work too well , although ( okay if you are stand still , but needed continually retuning to find an empty frequency whilst on the move ) .   So no , there is no app that are able do that - you need the hardware . Either constructed into the phone or to clip onto the phone ( short searching found something one - no idea whether the shop himself is okay , but you 'll know what to search for following website/www.cellphoneshop.net/fm.html ) .