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Needs and development of a comprehensive analysis of international users, our company engaged an international expert guidance, the study has been made a number of patents. Our Advantages: 1.The shotcrete machines are designed for easy opearating which only need two workers to opearate so as to saved you human resources and much labour charge. 2.All the fittings of the shotcrete machines are made by China's most famous manufactures which ensured its high quality with low cost.

3. It can greatly improve the spray quality and the uniformity of concrete because the water & cement ratio is easy to control when wet Shotcreting, and the concrete curing degree is higher. Another important feature is the long distance transfer which enables the application of concrete mixture at hard to access places (up to 3 0 m horizontally and 2 0 m vertically). Our company go through the international BV certification authority, and we have the ability to provide you the products with reliable quality, competitive price and timely service.

C entralized lubrication system, effectively prolonged the service life of the wear parts. H igh performance, high performance of spraying layer concrete, dense, homogeneous, high strength. R educe the dust concentration on machine side and nozzle, eliminate the harm to workers health.

2. Refractory material spraying and repair for industrial kilns or kilns's inner . 2. Non-adhesion going through rotor with new material chamber, completely eliminate bonding and blocking during operation so as to reduce clearance and maintenance period. 3. Four-point clamping device make it easy to adjust the press between seaing plate and rotor disk so as to no air and dust leak and prolong consumption parts life.

6. Convey cylinder with long stroke and big cylinder diameter can reduce the abrasion of resistant ring and plate and improve the stability of concrete spraying. 9. All operation can be controlled by wireless remote control thus reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency. 10. Diesel engine can make the spray arms move slowly in case the concrete solidification makes the equipment crash when electric power is off.

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The exemplary. shotcrete robot featured on Alibaba.com empower users to redefine their construction prowess through super-efficient concrete application. These come with mouthwatering discount offers and cutting-edge inventions for stellar performance outcomes. They transform applying concrete into a task that is fast and simple to execute. Since they are made of incredibly resilient materials, these utmost. shotcrete robot are very durable, while maintaining top-notch performances.

These bestselling. shotcrete robot are available on Alibaba.com in a large collection comprising distinct models and sizes. Manufacturers understand that concrete application needs vary between construction jobs, hence, the wide collection. This ensures that every shopper comes across the most suitable option. All of them meet high standards of quality because they come from the leading manufacturers and global brands that satisfy all regulatory guidelines in this sector.

These top-rated. shotcrete robot employ advanced technologies in their operations that reduce their fuel and electrical power consumption. This attribute empowers the user to save money on energy bills while enjoying the full performance capacities of these machines. Operators are very unlikely to suffer work-related injuries because of the exceptional safety features that eliminate unnecessary risks of injury. These are ideal and practical for many construction workers, since their acquisition and maintenance costs are relatively low.

With the astonishing. shotcrete robot options offered on Alibaba.com, shoppers will experience high returns on their investment, especially when they select the most appropriate. Shopping from the website yields unbelievable convenience because shoppers can save time and resources. The jaw-dropping deals designed for buying in large quantities make these products appropriate for suppliers.