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Specifications 1260mm high precision plotter cutter PC-1350C Max Cutting Width: 1350mm Max Paper Wid:1260mm 1260mm high precision plotter cutter with 12 years producing experience PC-1350C Specification on cutting plotter : 1) Forward direction and reverse direction paper feed 2) Emergency stop and free setting original point 3) Maximum speed of 800mm/s 4) Cutting speed and cutting pressure with memorial storage 5) Double photoelectric reset and without any collision 6) Perfect output and without any saw tooth at high speed 7) Using the most advance subdivision circuit and having low noise 8) Using switching power supply and its operation won't be influenced by voltage change 9) Circuit uses low power consumption and doesn’t need fan for heat radiation so as to ensure long and reliable operation . 10) We own the patent of appearance design 11) Beautiful buttons are made of durable acrylic name: cutter plotter model: PC-1350c max paper width:1350mm max cut width:1260mm Motor Original imported high speed stepper Motor Cutting pressure/Speed 50-500g / 50-800mm/s Cartriage(Whole Aluminum) Whole aluminum Cartriage with Imported Gear inside. Mechanical Resolution 0.0254mm/Step(0.001"/step) Stands Yes, All comes with Stand besides PC-360C Interface/EMS-memory Serial+USB / 4M Control language DMPL/HPGL Cutting test Yes Curve flat cutting Yes Power AC90V--240V Cutting knife soft loading Yes Working temperature 5C°-35C° Working humidity 5%-95% (Non Condensing) Type of cutter Long longevity high-speed carbon alloy-steel cutter Drawing instruction PL/HT-GL(TM) machine picture display :

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