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Shop for silk eye mask at Alibaba.com and find a wide range of suppliers with great prices. Whether they're used at home or while traveling in a plane, car or train, there are plenty of options to choose from. Use silk eye mask to block out light and sleep more efficiently in any situation. Stay comfortable as a passenger on long trips or grab a quick nap on a day off at home.

Some silk eye mask are made of standard cotton or polyester, and others feature silk or satin for a soft feel that is comfortable against the face. Certain varieties may contain foam layered within the fabric panels to provide extra cushioning. Each version is capable of keeping natural and artificial light from shining through. Straps are attached to make them easy to wear around the head and to keep them in place.

Search for silk eye mask at Alibaba.com and find suppliers that can change the color or pattern as needed. Most offer one-size-fits-all options. Find suppliers with cruelty-free certifications when animal-friendly products are desired. Promotional logos and designs can also be printed on each set upon customer request. Certain suppliers may include a travel case or bag for each pair.

Look for silk eye mask on Alibaba.com to get a cheap and reliable method of staying asleep. Enjoy comfort and attractive designs in a small-sized solution that is easy to use on a trip away from home. Stock up and save while picking just the right colors and patterns with features that will work correctly.