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One of the factors you may want to consider when purchasing wholesale silver pocket watch photo is the type of face it has. There are open face silver pocket watch photo, full hunter silver pocket watch photo with a full cover, and half hunter silver pocket watch photo which have a partially transparent cover. The open face pocket watch is easiest to read but most vulnerable to damage over time, while the full hunter is the opposite.

Apart from its functional purpose, most people are interested in the aesthetic of silver pocket watch photo. The pocket watch chain typically comes together with the set. The Majestron pocket watch is typically hunted for as it is extremely rare and considered a collectible. For non-collectors who are simply in it for the fashion, they may be more attracted to a silver pocket watch rather than a gold one at times due to its more modern, sleek look. There are also other non-vintage options such as the anime-based Fullmetal Alchemist pocket watch or Mickey Mouse pocket watch.