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2, If the raw material is solid, when its moisture if more than 60-90%, the machine could lower the moisture to around 50%. 3.give you machine's details and video for help you use the machine more better. contacts If you are interested in our manure dewatering machine, please feel free to contact me.

The stainless steel adopts imported materials; 6). The pump upgrades the slurry into the solid-liquid separatot; 2). It is the key parts in the working of the machine.

Cow Dung Solid-Liquid Separator/Biogas Slurry Dewatering Machine 008613673685830 Introduction of Biogas Slurry Dewatering Machine The machine use the pump to pull the fresh fowl manure, cow dung, etc. into dewater equipment, the material through the screen and then press by the screw, the rotary speed of the machine can reach 45r/min, within the press of the screen and high rotary speed, the material will be dewatered by the machine, and the water will enter into the pool through screen. . After this machine, water contain in manure is less than30- 35% Main advantages of Biogas Slurry Dewatering Machine 1. Low power computations, low invest, high efficiency 2. Compact structure 3. Main parts use stainless steel 4. Easy to operate and easy to remain Technical data of Biogas Slurry Dewatering Machine Dewater Machine Components Power (kw) Speed reducer RPM r/sec Voltage (V) Output (CBM/H) Cow dung Pig waste Chicken Manure Main Engine SL- 180 5.5 5-43 33.7 380 4-6 5-12 2-4 SL- 260 7.5 6-43 33.7 380 7-10 15-20 5-7 Water Pump 3 / 1450 380 / / / Picture display of Biogas Slurry Dewatering Machine Packaging & Shipping 1. P re--sale service 1) sales person,project manager ,technical engineer,accountant staff 2)professional responding team :would be very fastly and exactly service: 1)super and solid quality 2 ) fastly delivery 3)standard export package and as your demand 4)24 hours online service 3.after-sale service 1)assistance to bu il d factory 2)repairing and maintaining if the machine have any problem in warranty 3)install at ion and clerk training 4)spare and wearing parts for free or with a big discount any feedback for machine can be told us ,and will try our best to support Our customer If you like our production, please contact me.

Then you can use the dewater material to grow vegetable,and feeding the fish. 2. Cow dung slurry separator machine is easy to operate,the panel will control the machine. is specialized in charcoal equipment for many years,our machine,such as:manure dewatering machine,vegetable dewatering machine ,etc.

In some sectors this can even become a source of Operation of solid liquid separator: The machine receives the material to be separated and conveys it using the screw conveyor inside the separator casing. Along its path toward the exit, the material gradually separates progressively the less linked liquid and then the more strongly linked liquid until a plug of almost dry material has formed before the outlet. Q: How do you ensure the quality of your product9 A: Generally, our equipments are the most durable type in the industry, this is also the feature of the label impression for most of our customers at home or abroad.

3. Air chamber type automatic deviation correction device is set to assure stable running of the filter cloth. 3. Slurry and water separation in food& beverage industry, chemical industry, mining and other industries. 4. Sludge dewatering of city sewage, excretion, water purifying industries.

Furui brand screw press cow dung slurry separator /poultry dung dewater machine This machine can remove water from animal manure , poultry , Cow manure , chicken manure to less than animal faeces manure dewater machine. The machine use the pump to pull the fowl manure, cow dung, etc. Detail picture Packaging & Shipping Packing with wooden case/plywood; Or with container based order quantity.

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