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Also we can suggest the suitable model according to your capacity requirements. 2. Best Service ---- Our strong technical and after-sale service team are ready for you all the time. Thus it can be seen that our quality is reliable and we have good reputation in this industry.

Farm use automatic straw rectangular bale machine Straw bale machine 1. even,steady and firm 2.High capacity and low loss rate 3. suit for dry or wet pasture,the rice,the wheat straw,grass. 4.Easy operat e and maintain 5.Straw bale size: 360 * 460 *310-1300mm Introduction of the Straw rectangular bale machine features : This straw baler machine should be equipped with tractors, it’s used to pick up and bale the stalks straw of wheat, rice grass,corn, etc . Straw rectangular bale machine features Picking implement can auto-picking,large feeding capacity ,convenient to pick to reduce loss, high efficiency One machine,more using,it can bundle grazing,s traw and wheat stalk.

Market Oriented Manufacturer Standard Tailgate Opening Mini Balers For Hay Price ITEM NO. RXYK-0870 Bale Type Round Bales Size Φ61x70cm Pickup Width 800mm Capacity 80-100 Bales/Hour Efficiency 2-5km/Hour Tire 16x6.5-8-4PR Match Power 30-50hp Tractor PTO Speed 540rpm Dimension 115*130*120cm Gross Weight 490kg Category 01. Round Baler RXYK-0870 Has The Following Advantages CE approved Twine auto binding system Hydraulic ejection system Bale density adjustable Simple mechanism, low maintenanCE The gearbox output is protected by shear bolt Hydraulic lifting system for easy ridge crossing Light and round straw bales convenient for transportation Power package unit is equipped as standard for tailgate opening Rotary Disc Mower Hay Rake Tedder Mini Round Baler Hay Wrapper Net Binding Round Baler Twine Binding Round Baler Square Baler Square Baler DWC-22 Wood Chipper DWC-40 Wood Chipper WC-8 Wood Chipper DC-8H Wood Chipper

Small Vertical Hydraulic Pressing Waste Carton Baler Machine Model Force Bale size Bale weight Efficiency Power (KW) Machine weight Size (mm) HW10-6040 10 Ton 600*400 mm 30-50 KG 4-6 bale/hour 2.2 1000 KG 900*650*2100 HW 20-8060 20 Ton 800*600 mm 80-100 KG 4-6 bale/hour 4 1100 KG 1000*750*2750 HW 30-8060 30 Ton 800*600 mm 100-130 KG 4-6 bale/hour 5.5 1300 KG 1000*750*2750 HW 30-11070 30 Ton 1100*700 mm 130-150KG 4-6 bale/hour 5.5 1700 KG 1350*850*3200 HW 40-11070 40 Ton 1100*700 mm 180-200KG 4-6 bale/hour 7.5 1800 KG 1350*850*3200 HW 40-12080 40 Ton 1200*780 mm 200-240KG 4-6 bale/hour 7.5 2050 KG 1600*1050*3300 HW 50-12080 50 Ton 1200*800 mm 320-350KG 4-6 bale/hour 7.5 or 11 2600 KG 1600*1050*3300 HW 60-12080 60 Ton 1200*800 mm 380-420KG 4-6 bale/hour 11 or 15 2900 KG 1600*1050*3300 HW 80-12080 80TON 1200*800 mm 450-480KG 4-6 bale/hour 15 3300 KG 1600*1050*3300 HW 100-12080 100TON 1200*800 mm 500-550KG 4-6 bale/hour 15 3700KG 1600*1050*3300 HW 120-150100 120TON 1500*1000 mm 650-700KG 4-6 bale/hour 15 or 18.5 4300KG 2100*1550*3300 HW 150-150100 150TON 1500*1000 mm 850-900KG 4-6 bale/hour 18.5 5100KG 2100*1550*3300 Real photo History order Good cooperation Quality certificate Kelly Mob. : +86 13665372568 ( WhatsApp,Wechat is available) Tel. : +86 0537 2882838 QQ: 2853024729 Website : Any enquiry, pls do not heasitate to let Kelly know, best service will be offered to you

Also, we can produce the machine according to the requirement from customer. 2.We are a factory manufacturing baler machine, best production capability , best quality control, Best Service . We insist the principle innovate makes good future which makes our company to have a good progress.

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About products and suppliers:
If you are in the farming industry, chances are huge that you must have come across small baler machine. These small baler machine are amongst the most important parts of farm machinery and Alibaba.com is glad to introduce you to some of the best quality baling machines. These top of the line small baler machine are equipped with powerful technology, precision cutting and rolling and can be easily affixed to tractors.

These power-packed small baler machine are not just applicable to farmlands but also find uses in many other sectors such as manufacturing industries, hotels, garments workshops, building material shops and many more. In short, wherever there is the need for rolling and stacking, these automatic and semi-automatic versions of compact small baler machine are of the utmost importance. The small baler machine available here for sale are sustainable and can be fully customized to meet your ends. 

Alibaba.com has a massive inventory of durable, robust small baler machine that come with superior quality hydraulic pressure and have loads of different capacities. Some of the small baler machine variants have core components such as PLC, motor, pumps and most of them weigh around 1500-1900 Kgs. These machines are equipped with voltage capacities of 220 to 380V and do not consume excess power. They can sustain a pressure load of almost 30 tonnes. These large-sized, high-capacity automatic small baler machine are equipped with features such as 4 line belts, adjustable bale length and touch screen panel for controls. 

Visit Alibaba.com and check out various small baler machine ranges to decide which one goes the best for you keeping in sync with your budget. These products are ISO, CE, SGS certified and come with top-notch after-sales services. To make them worthwhile, the maintenance costs are also nominal.