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Alibaba.com offers a variety of road roller compactors at wholesale prices. The beginning of most construction jobs is compaction and a roller compactor is an ideal tool for creating a strong, sturdy base, which is crucial for a successful construction project.

What is a compactor roller?

A compactor roller, sometimes known as a roller compactor, a steam roller, or an asphalt roller, is the equipment used to compact fine particulate material or asphalt to create a flat surface.

How does a roller compactor work?

A roller compactor applies combined static and dynamic forces to increase the load-bearing capacity of the surface. A vibratory roller is also a type of compactor. It has a drum to densify soil, asphalt, or other materials. The process is carried out by transferring vibrations to the surface. Mini roller compactors are good for smaller compaction projects.

Types of rollers used in compaction work

Sheepsfoot rollers: this kind of roller is unique due to the round or rectangular protrusions all over it and is also often called "tamping rollers". Sheepsfoot rollers are mainly used for the compaction of cohesive, dense soils such as heavy or silty clay.

Smooth-wheeled rollers: as the name implies, a smooth-wheeled roller uses one large, smooth steel drum in the front and either one or two wheels on the rear end for compaction. Smooth wheel rollers are nice choices for gravel, sand, ballast, and surface dressings.

Grid rollers: Grid rollers have a cylindrical heavy steel roller with a network of steel bars coming together to form a grid-like pattern. The grid may also be stabilized with concrete blocks for additional contact pressure. These rollers are suitable for compacting most coarse-grained soils as they provide little kneading action with high contact pressure.

Vibratory rollers: vibratory rollers are equipped with one or two smooth-surfaced steel wheels that send vibrations through the roller. The vibrations make it an ideal roller for compacting granular base courses that would otherwise be difficult to compact.

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