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        Q: Sometimes scientists refer to ? as \"the conveyor belt theory\"?
A: Wallace Broecker 's 'Conveyor Belt ' theory is outlined as thermohaline circulation , which implies driven primarily by heating ( therme ) and salt ( hals ) . It spreads solar heating from the tropics to the high latitudes and transports salt out of it . As it switches states it changes the quantity of heating it transports to the North Atlantic .   C 

Q: How does the global ocean water conveyor belt work?
A: No , no , no . The Gulf Stream is a surface current driven by Earth 's rotation , the wind , and the Coriolis affect that circulates heating close to the edges of continents .   The `` Global Ocean Conveyor Belt '' is determined by divergences in tempearture and salinity , and thus density . It is called thermohaline circulation ( thermo = heating , haline = salt ) . It 's MASSIVE and circulates heating over the the world health organizationle planet , not only over the surface area of one gyre . Very sluggish moving but unstoppable that flows into every ocean basin deep against the floor , circulating heating and salt to maintaining the world health organizationle oceans , not only the surface , in balances .   Incidentally , if you caught the Dennis Quaid movie , `` The Day After Tomorrow , '' that crappy film was on the basis preposterous theory that globalwide warming could cause so much polar ice to melt that it halted the Global Conveyor Belt were thus leading to those ludicrous ( but entertaining , for a movie , I guess ) disasters . However , that doomsday scenario is impracticable , for any numbers of grounds that I wo n't reaffirmed here ... because you did n't want it .   Good links below . 

Q: Can a plane fly on a conveyor belt?
A: The fact that the conveyor belt is here is superfluous . Wheels on planes 's free-spinning , and since of that , the propellors ( or jets ) will propel the aeroplane east .