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        Q: Where can i find a twin turbo kit for a 2001 eclipse gt v6?
A: I believe you meant low-costs , not cheap.Whatever you ceverything it , that is n't true exists . An low-cost aftermarket turbo kit from Procharger or Paxton will run you a minimum level of $ 4,000.00.Dont go cheap ! You get what you paying off when you purchase performance parts , in particular high dollar parts like turbo kits.If you are able installing it yourself you 'll save another $ 2,000.00 , if not , kick , in another $ 2,000.00.If you wish to go quick it 's going fucking cost ALOT of $ $ .Do it rights , buy quality part and installing them correctly.It 'll save you one tonne of **** down the road . 

Q: What is a turbo charger and its uses?
A: It 's is a TD04HL-13G turbocharger made by Mitsubishi . What kind of specs 're you looking for ? 

Q: How does this turbo kit look?
A: You 'll need :  -Turbo ( learn to reading a compressor mapping for this one )  -Exhaust manifold  -Downpipe  -Intercooler ( as well as piping )  -BOV  -Engine administration systems ( if you plan on running higher tiers of boost )  -Turbo Timer  -External Wastegate ( if the turbo does not have an internal one )   Most BOV are , universal , so regardless of which one you get , you 'll just wish to make persuade they are configured for the accurate pressure for your setup ( i.e . you do n't wanna them releasing your hard earned boost into the atmosphere since they are sprung too weak ) . All Vent-to-Atmosphere types make some sort of noise .   All turbos are refrigerated and lubricated by petroleum , and thereforeme are refrigerated by water , too . You 'll need a source for the oil and a return as well ( to revert it to the engine 's sump ) , as well as lines and bungs .   It 'd also be a good idea to get a broadband O2 sensor and comptroller , and taught to use it and incorporating it into your engine administration systems .   The reason turbo ktheir cost so much , is that they 're tested to cooperate with your application . When you 're starting building your own turbo kit , you 'li 'm finding that small bits and slices add up very rapidly .