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2. 100mm thickness ideal for fast freezing food in restaurants, bakeries, pastry and ice cream production,etc. 4. Blast chilling and blast freezing can be controlled by presetting temperature or by timer. The blast chillers can fast freezing the ice cream (or other food) and reducing the central temperature of the food to a target level very quickly.

We can provide the total solution of ultra-low refrigeration and quick freezing technology for customers. We are pioneer and front-runner in the domestic ultra-low temperature technology field. Provide the total solution of ultra-low temperature cryogenic and quick freezing technology.

Description : JS series quick-freezing equipment (plate belt type) uses stainless steel plate as transfer belt, marine products such as headless shrimp, scallop etc. 4. The quick-freezing machine applies polyamine double-surface stainless steel storehouse with stainless steel frame, meeting the requirements of exported food. Trained by supplier of the equipment in the process of installation and debugging, people can operate and solve the basic mechnical problems independently.

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Search for. small flash freezing equipment suppliers at Alibaba.com when you need to keep food products safe from spoilage for long periods of time. Whether you need to freeze meat or fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of options for you. Get. small flash freezing equipment suppliers that can be used for storage in a restaurant or store. Other types are available for making long-term food packaging more reliable.

Some. small flash freezing equipment suppliers come in the form of medium to large-sized cold storage units. Certain units feature full walk-in designs for easy access. Machines capable of rapidly freezing food via liquid nitrogen are also available. Use these in food production facilities when you need the process to be done automatically and immediately. Some models also feature built-in conveyors to help add even more efficiency to your production line.

Find various suppliers of. small flash freezing equipment suppliers at Alibaba.com that allow certain options to be customized. Change the logos and packaging as needed. Most manufacturers offer extra services, such as online support or free spare parts, after the sale is complete. Field installation may also be offered, helping you to save on labor and time. Browse a variety of shipping and payment options to ensure your order arrives on time.

Whether you need to store food in a restaurant or prepare it for packaging, there are. small flash freezing equipment suppliers for you at Alibaba.com. Shop for the right model to fit your business and your budget. Multiple options are available to help you get an order that is just right for you.