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What is a small shovel called?

A small shovel is also known as a hand trowel or garden trowel and is a handheld gardening tool with a small, narrow, metallic blade attached to a handle. This makes it durable and suitable for digging, planting, and moving small amounts of soil or other materials. The handle is ​​often made of wood, plastic, or metal and is designed to provide a comfortable grip for the user. Buyers may find a small shovel for gardening that has additional features, such as measurement markings on the blade or serrated edges for cutting through roots or tough soil.

What is a small shovel used for?

Small shovels are commonly used in gardening and landscaping for tasks like planting flowers, vegetables, or small plants, transplanting seedlings, digging small holes or trenches, removing weeds, and loosening soil. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for precise and controlled movements in tight spaces or smaller garden beds. A garden small shovel is ideal for planting flowers, vegetables, herbs, or small plants. Its narrow blade allows for precise digging and creating small holes or trenches for seedlings or bulbs. When moving plants from one location to another, a small shovel helps in carefully digging around the root ball and lifting the plant with minimal damage. A small shovel with long handle can loosen and turn the soil, mix in compost or fertilizer, and create a fine, crumbly texture. A small shovel for camping is compact and easy to carry. It may come with a collapsible handle that allows it to occupy less space in the car while in transit. A small shovel for snow helps in scrapping snow from small, tight spaces.

Maintaining a small shovel

After using the small shovel, remove any dirt, soil, or debris from the blade and handle using a brush or a hose to wash off the dirt. Then dry it thoroughly to prevent rusting. If buyers notice any rust on the blade or handle, they should use a wire brush or sandpaper to gently scrub it away. Once the rust is removed, wipe the shovel clean and apply a thin coat of oil or rust-resistant spray to protect it from further rusting. Inspect the handle regularly for any cracks, splinters, or signs of wear and sand down any rough areas or splinters to keep the handle smooth and comfortable to grip. The pricing for a small shovel depends on whether people are buying it wholesale or not. has all these options and much more.