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1.Introduction of Manually tea leaf rolling machine This machine is one of green tea primary processing machinery specialized for fixing leaves rolled into strips and broken cells for fried dry, drying operations purposes. It is manual type 2.Machine structure of Manually tea leaf rolling machine The series all metal structure ,double curvature ridge bone, overall rubbing plate and the overall framework, reasonable structure ,beautiful appearance, smooth running, low noise, easy to operate. The part contact with tea are covered with a stainless steel plate,45type gland pollution tea harmful elements such as aluminum alloy, lead-free ,and to improve the quantity of made tea.

Product Application This machine is one of tea primary processing machinery specialized for fixing leaves rolled into strips and broken cells for fried dry, drying operations purposes. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-sef.

The machine is mainly used to dry and roast nuts and seeds. Chemical industry: drying and heating chemical raw materials e. We got the more than 20 certifications of utility model patent and design patent.

2.After-sales service guarantee: We have a professional after-sales service team, one-on-one customer service to help customers install and w. 4. Quality assurance of raw materials: The raw materials we purchase are certified qualified products. 5.Quality process assurance : We pass ISO quality management system, each process of production are under strictly standard.

From the economic efficiency analysis, microwave drying also have advantages than traditional methods , such as compared with the far infrared drying, usually save energy more than a third. In actual work,microwave dry and sterilization equipment basically use in material with low moisture (moisture content below 30%). Traditional methods, equipment, covering a large area, many employees, often have the pollution, fire control, etc.

gas heating tea making machine tea maker tea roasting machine low price Parameter Model TZSQ-70 TZSQ-90 TZSQ-100 TZSQ-110 Capacity 30-40kg/h 40-50kg/h 50-60kg/h 60-70kg/h Power 0.75kw 220V 0.75kw 220V 0.75kw 380V 0.75kw 380V Diameter 70cm 90cm 100cm 110cm Rotate speed 5-36r/min 5-36r/min 5-36r/min 5-36r/min Machine size 180*102*165cm 195*130*186cm 210*140*196cm 220*140*210cm Weight 250kg 350kg 425kg 520kg Contact Me

Electrical stone miller machine, it can process many kinds of grain, such as sesame, soybean, rice, wheat and so on. on the other hand, this machine can process grain, wheat,rice to powder. The product processing by this machine is natural , with great delicious and healthy.

1the oil is high : the use of directional pressure, multi- stage propulsion , oil yield is greatly improved. 3automatic temperature control : electronic programmable scientific heating, automatic temperature control press . 6 nice: machine table is made of stainless steel , resistant to greasy , high temperature.

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