About product and suppliers:
            Serve up delicious seafood to customers or stock them in your store's seafood section with snow crab legs from Alibaba.com. Their large size delivers a high meat content and the shells offer a satisfying experience when cracking open. Whatever your needs, Alibaba.com makes it easy to obtain fresh snow crab legs in wholesale quantities. 

When purchasing wholesale crab legs, you have the option of getting the whole crab or the legs only, either separated or joined in clusters. Alibaba.com even connects with you with suppliers of live crabs for the very freshest crab legs. Whatever you choose, they are then ready for wrapping in individual packages for customers or for placement in the water tank for display. Alternately, you can select frozen snow crab legs already processed and placed in commercial packaging for your store's frozen food section.

Purchasing bulk crab legs from Alibaba.com also means that you get detailed information from suppliers when making your selection. You'll see their place of origin, the type of freezing process the supplier uses and how much they can supply each month. Other information includes the shelf life of the king, snow and queen crab legs you purchase as well as how long shipping should be expected to take.

Whether you are stocking a restaurant kitchen or a food retail business, Alibaba.com has the snow crab legs in the quality and quantity that you need. Get king crab legs wholesale and get regular shipments to ensure that you are well supplied at all times.