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Snow globe cups are double-walled tumblers with some liquid in between their walls. This liquid has glitters and other attractive ornaments suspended in it, making the snow globe cup eye-catching and attractive to look at. They are permanently sealed at the top to prevent the liquid and ornaments from pouring out. These snow globe tumblers get their name from their resemblance to the snow globes. Snow globes are spherical balls with miniature ornaments within them and a liquid that suspends particles that mimic snow when shaken.

What is the liquid in snow globe cups made of?

The snow globe cup mixture that is used to suspend snow globe cup ornaments is made of either vegetable glycerin or clear glue. Both of these liquids are thick and give a viscous, draggy look as the liquid moves within the snow globe cup. Most people prefer vegetable glycerin since it is somehow less hazardous than clear glue.

Types of snow globe cup

Starbucks snow globe cups are the most famous snow globe cups in the world. The Starbucks glitter snow globe cups are the most loved ones by people across the globe. Kids love Disney snow globe cups. Variations like the little mermaid snow globe cup, Tinkerbell snow globe cup, and Disney princess snow globe cup are best sellers in the market today. Little girls love Disney princess snow globe cups. There are numerous snow globe cup ideas that buyers can get custom-made by manufacturers. There are also sublimation snow globe cups that can be made according to a customer’s unique taste and liking. For example, custom Christmas snow globe cups can be made and used during the holidays to serve warm liquids.

How to maintain a snow globe cup?

As long as a snow globe cup does not have any air bubbles when it is made, it can last for many years. Buyers are advised to keep the tumbler away from direct sunlight to avoid damage. Also, it is good to avoid applying very hot liquids to the cup to prevent the distortion of its original shape.

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