About products and suppliers:

At Alibaba.com you can select your socket from different types of socket. Pip socket is a convenient tool for power and USB charging, and you can choose your model in different styles, colors, and shapes to perfectly blend it with your interior design theme. Our available sockets have dedicated electrical circuits in compliance with international electric standards.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a complete socket or you can choose different electrical outlets. You have access to a larger variety of colors and materials. Both female and male sockets are available to you. You can also find different categories of socket including recessed sockets and surface sockets.

The recessed sockets are directly inserted into the walls or ceilings during construction, while surface sockets are generally installed in chutes that run along the walls and baseboards. You should note that outdoor sockets have different characteristics compared to indoor sockets. Usually, the outdoors sockets are equipped with a removable folding system and surrounding gaskets to prevent water or dust from entering the case.

The cost of acquiring the sockets depends largely on the type and model of the electrical outlet, and the necessary infrastructure to install it (e.g., circuit breaker). But don’t worry, at Alibaba.com you can find special deals and bargain prices. It’s our duty to bring you affordable wholesale socket.