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Na2CO3 is the chemical formula for sodium carbonate products. Sodium carbonate is an aqueous inorganic compound of white color that dissolves quickly in water.

What is the other name of Na2CO3?

Na2CO3 is also known as soda ash or washing soda. The name "soda crystals" is also common due to the crystalline structure of solid sodium carbonates.

What is the use of sodium carbonate?

Sodium carbonate is used in the manufacturing of glass, detergents, and paper products. Na2CO3 is also a common ingredient of household detergents and washing products due to its ability to remove stains from laundry or soften water for washing clothes.

What is the price of sodium carbonate?

Sodium carbonate can be purchased for as little as $220 per metric ton when bought in bulk.

Is Na2CO3 acid or base?

Sodium carbonate is a basic salt, which means it's relatively an alkali or a base and not an acid.

Is baking soda the same as sodium carbonate?

No, baking soda and sodium carbonate are not the same. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. The chemical formulas for baking soda and sodium carbonate are NaHCO3 and Na2CO3 respectively.

Why is sodium carbonate a good cleaner?

Sodium carbonate has an alkaline pH, which means that it's able to neutralize acids on surfaces. This makes it useful for cleaning things like rust off of metals like steel and soap scum off of shower walls.

Is sodium carbonate edible?

Sodium carbonate is not safe for human consumption. It can cause stomach irritation. Excessive consumption of sodium carbonate can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

Is sodium carbonate safe for skin?

Sodium carbonate is harmful to the skin, but only in very concentrated solutions or solid form. It should be noted that inhaling the powder or crystals can produce irritation and burns in the respiratory tract.

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