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Carbonates are a family of compounds based around carbon ions which have some really important industrial applications. Limestone (featuring calcium) may be the most famous variety, but there are compounds with iron, lithium, sodium and a host of other metals. All have unique uses, and all can be found at affordable prices via Alibaba's wholesale listings. Whatever chemicals you need, you can find them here. So if you have to order a batch of sodium carbonate, this is the place to be.

Our carbonate catalog is stocked with every conceivable variety, and a few more obscure ones that even industrial chemists may not be familiar with. Some have practical day to day uses, for instance, carbon compounds with magnesium which help to handle indigestion. You'll also find them in toothpaste and many fireproof materials. Barium can be added to glazes in the pottery industry, adding a shine to vases or boutique tiles, while lithium-based varieties are used in treating mental health conditions. You'll almost certainly find a use for hydrogen and sodium versions which are used in baking, while they can also be used in industrial soap-making processes. And compounds featuring cesium are crucial in many organic synthesis reactions, helping to process ketones and aldehydes. Find the ideal sodium carbonate for your situation from Alibaba's wholesale range.

Limestone and its derivatives are another key part of the Alibaba carbonates catalog. It's a common addition to concrete and bricks in the construction sector, as well as a source of carbon dioxide in industries like paper manufacturing and steel making. Choose the right powdered quantity for any chemical reaction or construction task. Finding a batch of sodium carbonate is also really simple. Just search, browse and order the chemicals you need.

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