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2.Large concentration ratio, forced circulating type, which can make the materials of larger viscosity easily flow and evaporate and shortens the concentration time. 6.The materials and liquids are separated after coming into the separator, the effect of separating is greatly improved and it's flexible to operate. The key of this process is the heating methods,the steam heats one column directly and transfers theheat to other 4 columnsto achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.

Unique design,to meet the continuous feed, continuous discharging process requirements,forced circulation with the best of its internal structure can make crystal and clear liquid separated effectively. C. This equipment mainly applies to the crystal precipitation solution when evaporated,such as Chemical industry, metal mining smelting, large steel pickling liquid waste treatment plant of wet FGD etc. Features: In view of the characteristics and complexity of solution in various factories,we always provide our clients with detailed technical design plan base.

The liquid material is concentrated in a vacuum condition and the finished material is homogeneous without pollution and the organic solvent also can be recovered. Compare with the single-effect concentrator, the energy can be saved above 60% and it can concentrate liquid material coinstantaneous more than three different types. The equipment is with automatic draining system for easy operation in order to reduce labor intensity.

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